School Principal Message


Education is for environment of human spirit and not just for prestige, position or security. “Education is not for life, it is itself”, as rightly said by John Dewey an influential and eminent educationist. There are two things Vidyalaya can offer our students. One is roots and the other is wings. It is with the roots of responsibility and the wings of freedom that our students’ can dare to fly to fulfill their aspirations. We aim to equip our students to rely on their ability to think, interact and express views on life and being through learning experience. Responsible students, devoted teachers and other supporting staff ensure an atmosphere of creative learning because teachers are their true mentors. I am confident that this young generation, shaping up into wonderful human beings in the classrooms under the watchful and vigilant eyes of their teachers – in reality their friends, philosophers and guides would open up a new vista to all opportunities that knock at their and make the best of it in this new decade. I sincerely appeal to all the esteemed parents, guardians and of course the students to lend their whole hearted co-operation and support for the better growth and upliftment of this Vidyalaya and to achieve the target of academic excellent. Wishing one and all lots of peace, prosperity and happiness and a marvelous decade ahead. Happy reading.